Dmitry Aleinik

Dmitry Aleinik was born 13.09.1929, Berezino, Minsk region
1954 - graduated from the Minsk Art School.
1960 - Belarusian State Theater and Art Institute. His teachers were V. K. Tsvirko, V. V. Volkov
He worked in the field of easel and monumental painting.
1960 – moved to Gomel region.
Participant of regional, republican and all-union exhibitions since 1961.
Member of the Union of Artists of the USSR since 1965.
In 1981 he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the BSSR.
16.12.2003 - the artist passed away.

It should be mentioned that Dmitry Aleinik is sometimes called one of the founders of the "Gomel school of art". This is not correct. It is right to say that he stood at the origins of the "Gomel school of landscape art". Three Gomel artists Dmitrij Aleinik, Nikolai Kazakevich and Robert Landarsky developed a special style of painting. Technically it was similar with pointillism and used sections of an unpainted canvas as part of the artist's creative idea. They used it mostly in landscape painting. 


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